Pi – The App – Warning! Warning! – It’s More than Warning!

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Last year we’ve been into this program, but now it’s a dead end. They don’t figure out how to make its blockchain. And now anyone can have numbers. But they lost the control of the server, which they had to pay money for. So any amount can be jiggled with if you have a game cheater program. And it will truly not be anything with this APP on android or iPhone. It’s a pity to see this project gone away.

Some might as well believe it went rogue with security issues. We’ve had around 3000 coins, but these aren’t any way important than the security of the phone. So we’ve just stopped using it. And the newer updates won’t come as we believe. It ended stupidly wrong without anything more. It’s still available but we didn’t look at it anymore, a stupid rogue system which can inflict damage to others.

Now you have the chance to be inside of unique app for Android and iPhone.
“Read at the end how to earn x10 more than others!”

You have a unique chance to earn a certain amount of Pi, and there isn’t just the road.
A group of Stanford PhDs developed this project. For now, you can help grow this network. In just matter of a blink, and it takes you further than that. It’s enormous to initiate an opportunity for you now as only 1% of the world already is in crypto assets. And the mere use of the app gives you the inclusion into something new. You will as well get an invite code to be able to grow your affiliate network if you though have and should try working on to gain aspects of proceeding your income to the next level.

This Pi is unique and holds no value of processing codes that drains your battery!

You push one button to enable the first mining program, which does a 24h mining depending on how many followed up on your security ring as well.

Download app today on google play or Itunes! Use invitation code: Dealazer

There are specific programs that require an invite link, and this project has that. On the phone, you might need to use the invite code: Dealazer. Dealazer is a renowned musician, and we support him to the fullest. With his enormous fresh music and interest in making a difference for world population about cryptocurrency.

Now you chance lies upon your dream, now is the time! You don’t want to miss out on when 10% of the people that already will be into cryptocurrency. And there is still time; you might want to hodl the coins as well to increase the specific capability of your workflow towards being at least 20% if the increase of interest into a business and work on cryptocurrency is blooming.

Here is the link to this unique project. And you really would want to hop on it!

Remember, it’s an invite code as well needed “Dealazer,” and you do not as well cheat away and do not join any of the affiliates who promote their work. Together all will earn money, tell them as well to do the same, and the network of income will be bigger higher better and super!

The program runs now with around 1.250.000 people. And getting into this opportunity is widely was good at this start. As soon as 1 million people were on the ride, the earnings diminish to around half the network. So it is was a wholly unique chance lately!

But you can still be on the ride! You can add up to 3-50 fake accounts that are connected to your upline, but you will have to start each application by itself one by another for each mining procedure!

Download on Android this application: Whats Cloner
Then you can clone new accounts and add only one account for each verified phone number, and one account for each facebook account you have. That way, you’ll have to manually go into each of the apps and start up the mining. With that Whats Cloner, you are ensured to remain the application after update of Pi, where most cloning apps stop to serve, within the application after updates, unless you have to log in to them again after the application update. Sometimes these cloning apps start to make trouble as there is one update to the application.

You can though create ponzu style apps and add a fake telephone number making it unable to be verified, you are ensured to have it to your upline, but you won’t be able to withdraw the Pi from these accounts!

They costed this app for millions of $ for the SMS verification people do if you thought ever about that.


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