Arbistar 2.0 a scam and generous proposition to make some alcoholic drinking people more rich! We have exposed the professional scam!

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We didn’t need to look at until, in the end, we did our investigation first, and we made this clear to some affiliates as well our group on Facebook:

They’re office really stinks, and many could really hang up some posters on the wall, now tell me you wouldn’t give in to this project with just merely few views as we were the 100th visitor on their video view!:


Now to the details! On their website, run in France:

11 rue de Lourmel, Paris 75015, France

Their actual license for promoters on Facebook social media!:

They only have permission for Edition of other software; it’s not a different software! You need a permit license for business and a commercial license! So this license is you believe that 2.0 is much better and that the consent!

It makes you know it’s the software, 2.0! Not a financial institution where you are investing and have an investment!

A very professional scam & fraud. The more you are at trying to defend yourself about this scam, you most likely will not give anyway in as you have to contact Spain to get your funds as well France. But their office is either run in Russia or actually in France where the apartment is worth 10.000$ if you google their address!

They have a license for editing other software!

And nothing more! If you aren’t speaking Spanish, you don’t always translate the above page!:

They have been learning all sorts of promoters to promote the same content, and it’s through this we have fully marked us about this opportunity as 100% scam!: It does not mean that much. But this ArbiStar 2.0! Did it like many, first they are a scam at 1.0 then fraud again at 2.0, then back at different name same techniques and the same system and same promoters that get spammed on their emails and the same affiliates. And some income till it ends where the gold is washed in the bin and they keep all by an exit scam that indeed deems possible in length.

You see the CIF above!

So it’s a big SCAM!

And super planned unique one using Software license on 2.0 version, you will have to contact two authorities to get on them, France and Spain!

They though do have a new dashboard:

Anyway, did you see any of these people in the video above?
YES: Santi Fuentes!

But you can read more about him here on why they the same way believe the conclusion of a scam:

Why it’s vital to not affiliate scams? It’s because they often are precious known as scams, and affiliates need to know their types of scams being scams! And if something looks too good to be true, do you believe it? Do you want to earn money while your affiliated customers lose money?

This guy speaks for himself:

One who got duped

There isn’t anything about Bitcoin that thrills us. We don’t recommend using bitcoin adventure for investment other than buying your cryptocurrency.


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