Don’t go for bait! Be Secure not contacting fast on these opportunities! This group is better than all groups on Facebook! On Trading and Investment!

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This user deleted the post on our group! It’s a fake profile!

They come to the groups! All over the internet! We abide by them in the group! Stopping all means of being fooled! & ! with 30.000 members! And we have a fan page & The group is called: Global Investments Trade & Crypto:

They come with offers, let you sign their affiliate. Not providing any information! Becomes your friend on facebook. Adds you like a snake, a prisoner of your friends. Uses any power to extort money of you by your investment into something that isn’t real!

He removed the post! It’s not a girl! It’s a man with computer power to extort money out of people! And you are to be not blamed for not taking more care about who you write info too?

Don’t ask how! Check the profile first! AT least five years it needs!


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