Warning SCAM & Fraud: BTC-Castle! An unique investment program but: With no right license to run!

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Since we started up, we found fraud on the achievement to understand the matter!
The user didn’t answer on our group, and as well we seek more upon the journey to mark this as scam as we saw into the license in detail: And here what we found: It was Freight transport on the road! And they disguise them pretty well! The enormous inspection was performed. This what we found:

The owner of the post as well blocked the admins! On our group www.facebook.com/groups/affylis

So we caught him red-handed! Even we said that we would promote him and his project.


BTC-Castle is no longer a good investment! It’s been running through the group on facebook:
All who now advertise this opportunity will be kick out!

Join it today! Nearly 30.000 members as of September 2019!

With his promo, you might be on the run with a unique value of the investment, but today it’s not!
We use his affiliate code: You always should use other affiliate code, no matter who it is! It is a vital real person estate investment! Or else nobody in the world will earn anything! But you don’t want to know other than this is the fake invite!:

The site BTC-Castle is not legislated and not available with legal papers. This means they run their business under all means not legal! It’s a unique value, and you might earn the same 845$ withdraw that he as well made! But it’s all fake gold and glitter!

They’ve been registered at gov.uk! And have a license to run! “Edit: Check it out as it has a fake identity” And is displayed on BTC-castle.

They had this hot investment!:

140% After 2 Day on 100$

120% After 1 Day on 10! That’s 2$ a day!

They probably use the money on trading! And you have to watch if the market is terrible. And it can be with the value of an emergency in the global investment. You might lose your investment. But that’s then.

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