Kirill Kirsan with Planned Scam on Facebook! We even Reviewed the Company behind with even their Legal License!

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STOP!!! Don’t invest in this if the site comes back. GET your money transferred back if you were unlucky by the many scammers to this prospect by our information on the license they did run.

THIS SITE HAS GONE DOWN, AND THE GUY Kirill Kirsan had eventually blocked us on our Facebook group, this means it’s 100% scam. Until the whereabouts that even the site went down just a few weeks after he blocked us.

We had like four views to this post since then, and ever after, we are genuinely sorry to at least some of them who invested through our news. Now that we have the site operation recorded, you might learn specific aspects of how they do perform this type of scams.

Those who lost their money as it might happen, need to find their legal papers and we got it recorded right here: And all information is still recorded so you might happen to get your money back in this case if you invested with them.

Be careful; always look at the license! Even that will shock you how this business is ongoing!

And that’s genuinely not all since this site had perfect, we mean super ideal system and genuine license to run. Even then, they drew their land lower over anyone!

Even this can go down like 20.000 other investment programs on the internet! And no-one survives the long chase? Have you ever heard of any investment program running for more than five years? Well, we haven’t and will never believe there will be an opportunity in any investment program on the internet unless its specific is to pay 1 million $ to have a license to run. Else everything can be a Ponzi Scam at any time.

This was our original promotion run:

This guy! We rate him 100%. We have trust with all people we speak, but already there have been many into the game. He showed the excellent capability to promote this company called Trade Global! The company has as well hot affiliate if you are interested in it as like Kirill! It’s a unique chance now to earn assets!

He’s promoted through our group on Facebook:

We spoke with him, and this is what he wrote to us:

His profile:

It has a unique value of profits for your money!

223! Followers! Thousands of friends more than 4000!
And 100’s of likes on his posts on Facebook. And well known!

Has this unique investment program:

Online 12 days.=>>=>>
Invest. plans:
2,1% daily for 17 days. Principal back. Min. deposit: $10.
Total profit – 35.7%
2,3% daily for 30 days. Principal back. Min. deposit: $1001.
Total profit – 69%
2,8% daily for 55 days. Principal back. Min. deposit: $5000.
Total profit – 154%
BOUNTY Cash reward: from $ 0.5 to $ 100
Minimum payout: 0.2-1 USD,1 USDT, 0.2 TRX, 0.0015 BTC, 0.025 ETH, 0.025 LTC, 0.025 DASH, 100 DOGE

Accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, DogeCoin, Ripple, Tron.

He was on the Facebook Group and let this note below on facebook:
It was immediately loved!
They accept all currencies! This means they will always have your funds to you. All are inter-exchangeable means he only needs to hold Bitcoin – And that isn’t a scam!

That’s why this is so good! And unique!
And he does deliver a good investment program to you, though he is not a musician but loves music! But as well as a high-quality businessman! Most probably from Russia.
And there we have skilled mathematicians.
Nevertheless, he has been on facebook for a long time!
But besides this company it is cold! They invested in a professional website as well dashboard!

Disclaimer: you should always stay on the UPLINE of your affiliate no matter who it is! They pour the money of the invested by all members to all their customers, and it’s essential as well you gain free money if you are active with the internal system of this procedure! So nevertheless you want to be on someone’s downline no matter who it is!

You can though use our affiliate as well if you like:

This company is though registered and available through license and Check always the company on the footer of their page! They have legal papers in Sydney, Australia!

Check Company! <– this is the same link as on their footer!

Now they had their license under control! And it’s the right license to run a legislated opportunity!

With these registers as Australian Proprietary Company, Limited by Shares. This means they have their website under the Australian government, which can regulate such activity to must be legal! This means all stakes with this company will forever stay there, and they don’t do gimmicks with their customers!

And that as well an excellent opportunity to check out on their venture!



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