Scam: Krest: By Anonymous user we found out! Gold and Glitter it ain’t always, be aware where you invest your precious money! Learn how we found the scam!

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Some guy on Facebook wanted to promote his affiliate service! At our group at
Though he just wanted to earn money on his affiliate! But we discovered entirely out this company is not about crypto and exchange and anything to make and grow you Bitcoin! It merely is scamming!

Mean the more assets you put thereof around 50$ or 5000$; you will be most likely scammed, unless you as well are a good affiliate, at the end of the journey you will be scammed, and the site will disappear with all investments! And their beholders of the money they eventually gained in the long end.

So, withdraw from there immediately! If you had your assets there, you might be as well on the wait for withdrawal, that’s life!

Read more down to learn why we have marked this business as scam and fraud!:

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This is their “contact us” on their footer display on their website at:

And there is plenty of sites like these opportunities you will miss and lose all your money on!:

This company runs the same address as a restaurant! Really why?


This is the license they’ve been running with; it is written that the service they run is unlicensed restaurants and cafes, as well as other food services. All companies have all registered matter to the actual license they run, and in England, there is specific to be actual license already on the internet! On the same address as the license issued.
Though the site never displayed a link to a legit and well-known license!

In the future, be specific to investigate the license!
It’s vital!

Unless you will only lose your money, and an exit scam will be at the door!

You can read all about the same license they run here:


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