Synergi 2 Crypto – New Scam – You don’t build a site without information about your business! Especially License!

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We discovered a new scam, and it’s plenty of them around, nearly around 20.000 sites, which just 1336 of them, though only 50% of them again are active and serving any good investment being 100% legal.

We checked with, and they already been to nearly all projects except the new ones. The wholely new ones. And they operate and spam Facebook and other social media about the adventure to earn money on your investment! You, like many, will lose your money at many of these opportunities. And there is no other way than to warn you about them.

So back to basics, someone posted on our group again some scam site!:

Our group is running well, and we often review and verify all opportunities!:

This site is 100% scam, believe it or not! Do your research! The site is running with a similar script to around 10% of the scam sites Scamsavenger site does have. But in fact, you don’t run a project or opportunity investment program where everything is 100% perfect. Real people perfectionism everything in their plans, and even the FAQ section is covered. Unless not the license of the site needs to be perfectly good.

Don’t believe in sites which as well are registered in Panama or other places. These sites often avoid taxes to the income of scams they’ve been doing.

Going into the site, isn’t though as needed.

But remember, we often do check on the pages and notify you of what is the most crucial aspect in case you want to invest your money elsewhere. The License!


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