Tap2Earn – Waste of Time and Effort Scam! It’s a grand new system to steal your precious time and effort to Promote!

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Tap2Earn – Simply a specialized website to steal your time doing tasks you are needed to perform to be able to withdraw a certain amount of earned clicks “2$ each.”
They as well reduce this amount to a mere half of your actual amount; this they use against you in case they are filing a report unto believing you have scammed the system out of proportions.

They will, at any time, even use their means to investigate your probable use of referrals, firstly you have to get 5, but they show you this number increases at a mere 1/10 of actual referrals that have joined.

Maybe you someday come back after having your account blocked and tediously try again?

By fooling you, this system is an expert on this actual scam. The site came up on 9/9/2019, so it’s practically a wholely new site. Now look at the biggest earners, and it’s a ridiculous amount of money. And they too could run a traffic system of fake clicks for just 5$ from any site offering 10.000 visits for only 5$.

Come on, don’t you see it? Well, it’s a tedious system even they invented the same chat that still to this day is looking the same for you like everybody else. And the site has like 10.000 members or even more?

It’s a big m f scam. And you aren’t the only one to be fooled! There are thousands of people who want to complete all the five tasks, as soon as even you are then to be blamed for not fulfilling their policy on fraud and clicks. Until that day, you have a chance to come along; it will undoubtedly take time.

We got their voice, and it’s just two months old site. So you believe that someone earned their way to a BMW? Well, think otherwise they who made that site, earn 10 BMW’s!

The link to this scam site is:

We don’t even make it a link since you have to think otherwise, use your effort looking at another and better investment or also be able to earn your money differently. We have reviewed some more investment programs on this site but more is to come.

We discover all types of new scams, and we are redirecting you to our group on Facebook:
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