Ãñãñd Rãj – Skilled trader will manage your loaded Forex Account! Investment! Trade! Trader Management!

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Get your account managed with 300$ minimum on it:

The trading company you can use to deposit 300$ with:
XM Trading!

A skilled trader with 500 members on this Telegram group:
50% profit share!

Double your account within a week!


Join his telegram:

This opportunity is gold! You don’t know other than giving details to your login of the management of the account on any forex issuer, which can be used with different programs like at google play: MetaTrader 4.0 and MetaTrader 5.0 

That is a unique way to hold on your deposit, as they are not allowed to make a withdraw of your beloved money! So it’s a win-win in around one week. Where you pay them 250$ of 250$ income of your own. If the money then becomes 1000$ of an initiate of 500$.

So this is a gold option on this trader capability!

Do you need an account for trading?

We recommend XM Trading! They Pay all visitors, and you are secure with the deposit with them!



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