Don’t trust Bitcoin! Don’t trust anyone! Get your information! Be deviant that your income might be stolen! Nordnet Liars!

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Why we tell you not to trust Bitcoin, it’s because of very many reasons!

It’s not just an infinite problem, but the world may be henced by a significant computer virus or total collapse.

Well if you wouldn’t bother, but we would inform you of that, that these things aren’t forever Bitcoin is still not forever. It is ending its course by a massive waste of electricity, and the income is merely low, and all would want to try to forget Bitcoin.

But the technology behind all of it, with blockchain ideas and that the banks should use the moment of the blockchain to implement it into their systems. But it’s not that simple, it’s even harder, but perhaps if a bank bought one dogecoin, they still could hold around 1.000.000 transactions with details and all of it.

It’s in the data, and you can send messages in the blockchain. For now, it would overload Bitcoin, and in the end, it will overload all coins. Perhaps take it by having a bank to fill in the formulary of transactions and maybe you fill in the desired amount of private key structure.

It’s in the game.

But it’s not, as plainly it should have been. People get stolen millions and never get them back, and even you have a stock market that isn’t 100% regulated. Perhaps they have their blockchain. Maybe these days some were stolen of their income, and it wasn’t just us.

The biggest operator, Nordnet, stole our income perhaps the first drop was on 24th February. We bought 60.000 shares at 0.03 points. And you take it for granted, but the value should have been today 100.000 points or even more? And that’s around 10- 100x of what we staked. Well, you just don’t drive something manually down when things are going down.

The stock market went from top to nearly bottom at this BEAR. And we should have been paid relatively good today 10x with 10x with 10x of what we had. So now it’s not about that, but see here, you need a regulated market, maybe you don’t find it. But we still believe XM Trade is still the best, and we don’t see trust in as for now.

XM Trade with the Most Trusted Forex Trader! Investments that can go good!

Remember, all thieves are everywhere, not just here but anywhere. And they chop you down at the moment it wasn’t for real?

But should you trust anyone since it’s hard to believe that we didn’t get a Lamborghini as XM marketers did?

Anyway, Bitcoin blockchains are vital to the infrastructure of the models of the trading companies. It’s just simple math that some might fake you? Yeah and Simple FX does that, you wouldn’t believe, but it’s about cents, not just a little money, but if you multiply 1 cent by 1 million trades that’s 10.000$ income. And that’s a good day if they perform 500 million each day, think about the deals? Sometimes it’s even more, and they are using KYC to avoid problems; perhaps your database is based more on what you also know of yourself.

So trust always something that is trustable, and things aren’t forever, and Nordnet will die in the hopes and dreams of the future.


So you want more? Well look at this picture:

curved spike

That’s bitcoin, well? And you wouldn’t want to know? Well if perhaps Bitcoin value gets 10$ would you buy when all are selling? You wouldn’t all, but life goes on. Always as usual. Remember that the more you invest in bitcoin by using the transactions you failed. HODL but now? Don’t HODL, but if you did, you should HODL even if you are scared. No one can predict the future. Sometimes we did. But take it perhaps the way. That in the future, several things make things different.

Do you want more? Perhaps you were a trader look at the curve if you know the deal times you be onto something. And that’s not just this simple, its the future of how to trade. And perhaps you know how, but you were to many times chopped. Well, in cents?


If so? Bitcoin kills the bees, and you know that well? Then do not put your money on stakes. Use your 10% income of Bitcoin to save the bees. And if they die, you die.

And yeah? Didn’t you know that since the start of the venture of Bitcoin it became like perhaps 30.000 or more websites on Bitcoin investment? And realize that 10.000 more went down when Bitcoin nearly got chopped 50%. And that is still a worrying thing to know about. And it’s not easy to understand how far this will take Bitcoin down on the measured way. But there are crooks and victims all over the Bitcoin sphere.

It’s by merely trying to know that you would instead be scammed on an investment system than going towards a way to hold your income in other measurements. Nearly everything on investments is a Ponzi Scheme, and we’ve already covered several projects that went meltdown.


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