We warned about Cloud 2.0 – Learn the gift of giving

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They didn’t pay the people back Cloud 1.0, and thus now the system has stopped?

Well, to seize a large amount of deposited money through thousands of people believing in this venture.

We warned about Cloud 2.0 - Learn the gift of giving

Now that this has happened. We had a prior person who was an admin of our group on Facebook:
Global Investments Trade & Crypto

We’ve removed him because he made promises, and we were lucky to remove him of that height to promote the company surely. And thus even new companies from these settlements, he also was promising with trying to give us VISA with additional money on them. Luckily he was demoted and well he wasn’t anywhere that lucky to seize the group from us. But anyway, we weren’t looking at money, we were watching it into more, believe us, that we put all the posts about cloud 2.0 venture wrongly informing people about them. There were two of these posts on our group. Maybe we saved enough people from remembering us as heroes.

Anyway. This company is now dead. The application on any phone is saying it needs to connect to the internet. All your funds there are seized theirs; you can’t get it back, surely because this company isn’t registered anywhere on the planet. If it does you certainly could not achieve your money again, they just say to the government that this money was just gone, anyway what is the point of putting your money on any Bitcoin investment? Well, there is no point unless you find a firm trying to live through these times of badly timed situation with millions dying and things are out of hand.

So maybe, invest your money into real person estate. Which is more than enough, like perhaps you find an excellent person abroad and invest 1000$ into him, that 1000$ invest is more than the required 100$ for each month and in a year there are 12 months. So around 1200$ can give you a good talk and reasonable money to put forward to that person. If you have an interest in people who make music? Well, these guys often bring promise. Several people would be anticipated wealthy in the years to come by your investment in them, surely what can 1000$ do, and what can 20$ a year do for them?

They start buying merchandise and start investing their income into real estate or at perhaps clothes and merchandise they can sell. Do you not trust people? Why not give them the opportunity by ordering things on eBay for them, ask for their address. Send them 20$ to pick up the merchandise, and at least you are investing in someone who would build a fortune out of your money. Take for granted that the money will be away, but at least it would rose high up in the trees for them? What happens is a good relationship, and maybe a fortune in a few years, so the thing is the word, pass on.

Now let us cry little.



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