Grace Shopee on Group Affylis on Facebook came with a cool promotion run on an Airdrop! Unique Value and indeed cool assets to get!

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We have been looking at a new post promo on our group, we thought about promoting it further! It’s about Grace Shopee, who posted about Amazonians Green Coin! It’s unique and holds particular value! By that means you can earn some coins by here promotion run! Though you might make about 300 Coins in just one series! Even more. And that’s a unique value when a Block on Bitcoin will be worth around 125.000$ But for about 12.5BTC earn, here you can grab around 1000’s of coins in a grab! The more you as well promote the project and her project! It’s a unique value to the process here!

With connecting towards Bitcoin, we believe that Bitcoin will stay to its value of 10-20.000$ and never hit higher value. Believe or not, since Crypto coins need to be traded straight from BTC Bitcoin, these coins will achieve a little higher cost than Bitcoin, they can hit the moon as perhaps 100.000$, and that’s not even there since Bitcoin can’t make a higher level of importance than the fiat version of £$€. So it’s like gold, but the value does not get too high or to low. Even like last year, it can’t hit that far. So having investment by BTC buys and buying a particular coin! Believe it or not, 1% of the population been like into the game buying assets! And the more to come will all become rich! Since 99% have no assets into cryptocurrency!
Though many disbelieved and sold their all assets of cryptocurrency when Bitcoin hit high levels of about 20.000$, nevertheless, all escaped the market and thought it to be around 2% of the world’s population to hold assets. Now things are different. And you should! Yes, hodl the coins! Hold the assets!

But the airdrop she is running! You should try using 1-2 hours of your day on it! Keep it on! There are some new interests in this coin! Amazonians Green Coin! And we all need the coins to be a value at least 20.000$ to keep the forest growing and secured before our future generations! You might hear the latest news of turning it to a jungle or even a few tons of garbage!

This, though, will shock you! They empty garbage into the river of Amazon!:

She’s on our group

Use our public group:
With our fan page to the group

Start the Telegram Bot that she is promoting:

Become a fan on her page, as we liked as our page her post. She runs airdrops and all sorts of news on it! It’s your time to act!:

With any means, you do want to get a hold on some assets of AMA, amazonian gold! The more we grab onto the opportunities of the world, the further we go. And it’s the beginning of it all! Hop on onto it! Keep the ride, and always join an affiliate behind yourself! It’s important! Since they pour money upon you!
You can as well join upon some of the airdrops channels she is running! It’s a unique chance:

She as well has a Graceful Channel! And that’s enormous infrastructure to her airdrops!
She subscribed to our friend we promote Dealazer on this journey as well:
Her is her channel you might want to subscribe as well there!:


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    The social dimension of sustainability is extremely important to us. We put emphasis and focus on individuals to be part of this new green economy and sustainable world, which fits into Amazonians Green Coins’ purpose.

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    Our Airdrop Campaign is Live 🌴

    Earn up to 1000 AMA ($7.7) for easy social tasks and
    150 AMA ($1.155) for every validated friend you refer.

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