FinexBox Scam Exchange Steer Away its Scam!

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Sometimes there are scam alerts about exchanges. We’ve found this still running Exchange that is stealing money from people. Look what just six people did tell about this Exchange? But that’s enough for this Exchange to be blacked or at least warnings about this site is enough.

Their reviews on the internet aren’t that much fun either.

They turned off to reset the password on their site as well.

You got warned already many years ago, but not all know this, even 50% of the people who have their investment holding assets. And officials on the internet range should investigate and measure proper instalment of legal issues to this company, they are thieves, and there is no way around. Be careful; try to avoid this company as much as you can!


Did you know there was already several Exchanges that have quit the business? Not only in the greed to get the incomes of the trades by people who forgot about their Bitcoins. There was once an Exchange or something; they had too much redundancy in their system that they needed to exit scam all the trades, which in fact could raise to several million worths in Bitcoins. But they were perhaps departing on a legal matter. But people still would be mad at them. Most didn’t even care that much. But yeah the income was tremendous for them. These things don’t happen that much. But if people quit trading for any reason, or their email account got stolen because of a wrong password, there is nothing to do when these companies start to rebrand themself. At least going over to a new platform in different domain.



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