The Journey of Bitcoin is new! Only 1% of the population in the world have assets into Bitcoin and Crypto!

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You might want to hop on the ride! Surely you want, but don’t fully invest in the only Bitcoin!
The price will be stable at 10.000-20.000$ several times but will also drop several times, but do invest your assets into crypto trading on your own or even buy to hodl coins and different coins and their assets. Don’t send you funds to others, keep your money in your wallet. In your secure computer. This journey is for all! And mere of people 10% interest themselves in cryptocurrency at t his point, and just 1% already have crypto assets.

Hodle – It is to hold your assets, and never use them!

It’s a new journey, and all want to hop on and be on the ride! Now is the time. Stop using the waste of your money on Casino. Do a legal business regulated and even start-up being an affiliate like us Affylis! Start being into it where the money is raised no invested into a Ponzi Scheme system or just something that will gain few interest rates. Don’t trust too much even ever sending to anyone for paying for a service with Bitcoin or it’s other cryptocurrencies.
Just now join on cryptocurrency by learning its journey and hodl some coins and keep them in the pocket of a wallet. There are many different wallets to use and each coin has its own specific type, and some are apps to hodl all the different coins you need. Hodling means holding the coins!

So it’s a new adventure. And there are more than a thousand coins around globally, and there aren’t few in the game, some are big some are small, but venture into the future begins when more enter the game, you want to really know how to be in the game! And the competition starts acting now for about your crypto hodling!

The smartest thing would always be to hodl, and spending it you are just wasting it. Remember that you don’t invest in more cryptos after certain amount you are able to pay for. And never make loans for crypto. Unless you need that 1000$ to start trading on several types of exchanges.

So perhaps you would interest yourself creating a free wallet? It’s easy. But always remember your password!. Get the new wallet at

Having a wallet gives you an address to use for each time you want to receive coins. By blockchain, all your addresses are remembered in the system. That goes for internal bitcoin-qt which is the software for your own computer. But you will truly need more than 250gb of space in order to run it on your own computer.

Did you know people are mining bitcoins and other currencies? Well, their proceeding is by utilizing certain procedures of luck to find a block. A block is unique to it’s it’s value. And there is a certain algorithm towards earning a block. A block as well does contain all transactions made prior to the discovery. So all transactions are registered to a block. That’s why you have to pay a certain fee for sending currencies. The higher the fee the faster it will be registered to a new block. The average time for block discovery is generally 15 minutes.

Fees are though sometimes expensive in such way you pay with prioritizing the transfer faster it will be registered thus the one you’ve sent to are able to use the funds. In regular 2 confirmations are needed this ensures that the transfer is registered enough to never become void or be able to be aborted.

Some people are mining in solo for the coins. This ensures thus people to earn extra on luck. You might be unable to mine major coins by solo mining since there would be unluckily to get a block reward of your mining type of coin. But there is still possibility to earn on the more average type of coins which do not have certain traffic. You would want to use mining pool stats to try to learn upon coins. Applying interest in gathering a wallet on GitHub and other interests to start-up mining on your own. This procedure is more to the advanced and there are several other types of tutorials you want to learn, but not into this one.

We thus recommend a browser with mining capability thus ensures your earnings not bothering how you start up your browsing. This is for your more stated for basic income and to lean towards how to get income by simplicity: CryptoTab Browser – Unique Mining Browser which gives you any Extra Money by using your CPU

There are several ways to earn coins. Some of them could be valued more than Gold in the future. Since now 1% of the globe has coins. If that changes to 4% you are not just doubling the value you are quadrupling the value of the coins. Not just singular.

We’ve recommended a coin worth looking into and its called Arto. On Japanese it’s Cash.

While the price of each Arto is at is the low beginning of January 2020. You get 1 Arto for 10 Satoshi.

Meaning that 10000 Arto would be worth around 1$ now.

That is a huge income if you are on the run to attain it. Making a reminder that if you invest properly you get an income wisely when Bitcoin in the future will again cost 20.000$. At that moment 3% of the globe will hold coins.

People escaped investment into Bitcoin at certain stages. More people are buying coins. But the market is going down because more people can’t wait for price changes. Most are to have a certain loss of their investment. And thus giving others the possibility to become rich. The downstage on Bitcoin stresses the people who invested, and several people are hodling to the way they just look at their numbers.

Don’t look at your balance, don’t be blurred away to sell the content of your assets, at any time always have it as insurance towards earning in the interest of the future. Set your goal. Perhaps 3-5 years? Well, even shock prices at 20.000$ do not mean they will keep on at that level, be aware that you need to set your maximum level sale as well. And as soon it hits again 20.000$ People start to oversell their coins. To the people who have limit orders. And that’s the shot people are waiting for, and people will lose their income at that amount as well. But even then the price might land at 40.000$. So set your price limit as even that as well. Sell out, just one time! Not 3-4 times buy and sell!

This means you need to have patience! We say the price will jump and jump. Towards the eternal future. Set your goals, not your mission!

It isn’t easy to hodle but there are certain things to remember; have patience.

Quote Project Best self

So we told this: No matter where you start at your investment into crypto, but if you believe the same as us? Well, that the more percentage of people entering the crypto market? Well, prices will go up. Soon as you put your buy on Bitcoin at 8000$ you also put a buy at as well 2000$ or even 4000$.

But remember this; as soon as you sell your bitcoin? You will lose in the game of it, and to raise your income you might want to just trade? So never put your assets towards casino or trading, even any investment program as is suggested by many. But exchanges they come and never go actually, they’ve been the most reliable systems of investment. And there aren’t few they are many, but nearly never do perform an exit scam. Though there might be certain exchanges to want to exit, they firmly adjust their exit towards paying out some shares to the people who were able to withdraw their assets. As perhaps They wondered how they could shut down their system. Since there were orders for at least 100BTC and even more, they were trying to exit that upon old customers. Well, they made that possible, but there are new exchanges on the market, and most are reliable.

Small Exchange List – Crypto Trading – Learn how to Trade.

patience is power

Remember due to this; That you are responsible for your future, the privilege is already gone, it’s either your future or no future.


There is no privilege! There is either you or your dumbness!


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