Hot News; A Read Must; Let us Explain how a Professional Scam is introduced to nearly all Investment Programs 98%+!

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So you might wonder how this scheme of scam is performed?

It is by getting as many investors into the program at a short possible time, to add the best possible return to the investors. So you might believe that an investment of 10.000$ will give a profit of 15.000$ in just a short time. Though this enables even more people to come and join in, the jungle telegraph is working well on these scams.

Believe our effort towards explaining to you this. Its pure scam because they lock your amount of money towards a scheme of investments, and they will and surely will at any time in the course of even 1 year to 2 years, exploit it by an exit scam.

But they will pay all participants of the program till the last day of existance. Significant percentages roughly as long as possible, until all, get 95% back on their investment. Since most would really turnover from 10 to 12, then 12 to 14, then 14 to 16. As with 1000 –> 1950 in a matter of few months. But having a percentage as this company below is aiming to hit you back to the stone age.

Surely you would like to invest with the company doubling your money, most think of that as necessary towards their investment, as soon as there is a rumor about scams, people get-away, but they handle that as well professionally utilizing rating their own site excellent even on investment reporting systems. Also, write good reviews by themself. Paying sites to remove specific comments.

But that’s not all, this guy in this post, actually repurchased an account from 2011. They sell facebook accounts of that proportion for about 10-20$ each. Hackers though.

So this below scam is professional and handles fraud to certain people who are not affiliated with the right investors, so they scam just a few until they exit scam for real. And that’s about like 25.000+ sites for as long Bitcoin been into it even half as more to even 50.000 sites, and there are made 50 new each day.

As you see here; he blocked us just a few days after, as all scammers do on our group. We have to approve the post in order to even block him on the group, as Facebook does not allow direct block.

People don’t talk about their losses, but believe that there were too many scams and people don’t speak out loud against them, often they in furious ways lose everything, their job, their part of life, and take up big money loans, ending in bankruptcy as most would do, some even think they can gamble a way back to life, starting to take drugs also plenty of people in this group never more lived a happy life anymore.

We’ve been watching the list of people who most likely died in our group “unavailable anymore as their account been deactivated.” And it’s around 200-500 people, and there is most likely a higher level by all groups they are connected to as a reason for their death. It doesn’t mean that much that they’ve killed themself because of us since we ensure somehow that this doesn’t happen to our members there. So never make up a loan towards this structure of investment, you’ll be as most deepened broke, and uncertain of recovery for the rest of your life. Thus enriching 1-2% of the richest people in the world based on even a few of these scams, the systems are just the same as dealing drugs, but the power to unleash a devastating police force towards them is never even possible or even done.h

It doesn’t even matter if an investment program even does have a license to run since most don’t bother even reporting the company since all information on the internet is most likely deleted as soon it is an exit scam. Read all about here:

Kirill Kirsan with Planned Scam on Facebook! We even Reviewed the Company behind with even their Legal License!


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