How to utilize your workflows superbly? Follow your focus and avoid your obstacles! – Work more happy with faster pace! Learn how to become the future!

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You do want to max at max level?
You do want to run 20 projects at the same time?
You see. There isn’t just me; it’s everybody everyday procrastination.

But obstacles in the way! You need to avoid your time-wasting positions in what you do.
If you can’t solve the problem, do a new thing, unique, and get back to the same once more time next time.

And every problem has a corresponding solution. It just takes plenty of time for the patience of it.

patience is power


You see! People fear of forgetness!

That’s why you need not fear your grand obstacles in your life!

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Now let us take a little step further? Well, you can manage to increase your workflow if you have these conditions in order:

  1. Clean Desk and Clean Environment around your computer.
  2. Fresh food you often eat and in a natural way, which doesn’t contain to much sugar or much fat.
  3. If you have two types of monitors, multitasking is possible.
  4. Schedule your calls to a different time, working and sitting on the phone, reduces your ability to work.
  5. Get yourself a good chair, even the sofa in your living room would be a better choice.
  6. Clean your glasses, clean your desk, clean everything that makes a mess.
  7. Be searching for any solution to your problems, to find an aspect to your dreams; make yourself wanted.
  8. Be caring, the more you love nature, the more will nature adore you.
  9. Read rule nr. 8. Follow it as a Karma if otherwise, you didn’t read 8. like all should do, now you have the 9th life, and more and more you realise that things aren’t given that away accessible to all who read.
  10. Don’t fall into traps, if you are locked with something, take a break from the computer, rest well find a way to find solutions, if you can’t just try just more, since those who seek did sometimes fail and in the end, they succeeded.

So let us say at the end, what’s most important? Not to work fast, but to work smart, not hard but steady.

In the end, you succeed. All did, why shouldn’t you?

Quote Project Best self

What we learned from most was to not to use drugs in your workflow, since, in the end, you either be empty or you perhaps end up starving for drugs, medications do not tend to increase your workflow, because they will take the first day or second day. Until you are so wasted that you do not solve anything. Things become a problem to you other than a solution. Yes, you believe so that drugs will help you, but they will not unless they are what the doctor prescribes as something you need to take. Then other things aren’t as drugs, but drugs helped none to achieve their goals in their life. No No, it wasn’t as that before. None did learn anything in their life to proceed with anything to fulfil everything by the use of a single drug.

You might want to get that fast worker to your business, but no, it won’t help you. Often remember you have to trust yourself, maybe that way where you steady around do find yourself in need of the procedure to not depend on others. Still, time is that depending on others is what most do. Some just ask to ask to talk to you. Perhaps saying can I ask you something and then waiting for the reply even it takes days. Then be happy to have an answer if you suddenly were so much of an exciting person. Just in these times, people are people, but always have your schedule to do all that your past didn’t get solved. Be always honest, and legal with everything, and an empire goes down soon; it is not licensed at all. And that is undoubtedly many types of businesses. As perhaps all our investment programs weren’t any gold in any way. You need to invest into yourself, and probably what you can genuinely feel of being an inadequate reasonably generic feeling of something great.

So to the end, enjoy everlasting future to be more into it, than out of it!


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